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Tate Abdullah

Sound Designer . Artist . Composer . Storyteller 

A Hit Dog Will Holler
creative team
director - Joshua-Christian Wyatt
scenic - Natalie Eslami
lighting - Jessica Winward
costumes - Emily Marshburn
media - B Esfahani 
sound - Tate Abdullah


Photography by J.D. Hopper

A Hit Dog Will Holler

By Inda Craig-Galvan

A Hit Dog Will Holler is written by Inda Craig-Galvan. A Hit Dog Will Holler takes place in the current day starting in January 2020 going until about June/July 2020.The show itself is about two black women that are social activists in different ways. Gina works online and is agoraphobic because of the monster noise she hears. Dru is active in person: going to protests, giving speeches, and taking down statues of confederates.  The sound design was focusing on a full surround experience inside a video studio with limited space. The content was synth heavy, textured, electronic, and using influence of black R&B and neo-soul musicians and activists. the show was performed in Wells Video Studio at Carnegie Mellon University.

Water Ripple_edited.jpg
creative team
director - Carlos Martinez
scenic - Jonas Harrison
lighting - Eva Oney
costumes - Bunny Brand
media - Reiley Torfun Nymeyer
sound - Tate Abdullah 
asst. sound - Ningning Renee Yang


Photography by Victor Yang

Lonely Planet is a play about two friends in the height of the AIDS crisis coming together through memory and hardship. The show takes place in Jody's Map Store and Car continues to come in adding chairs and filling the space.


The sound design for Lonely Planet is a mix of acoustic string instruments, chair sounds, whispers, and live violin. The hanging phone is a built-in speaker suspended in the air. To make the chairs speak, I used an IEM on the first chair which roamed around with whispers. The play tells a story dealing with loss and finding hope.

Lonely Planet

By Steven Dietz

Lonely Planet
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